What are the benefits for educators?

For Makeathons to become part of mainstream education, they must improve on what already exists… and not just for students.

What’s in it for teachers and schools?

It isn’t just the students who benefit from a fun and hands-on learning environment. While it’s important to help young people understand complex concepts, gain a deeper understanding of technology and societal challenges, and develop problem-solving skills, Makeathons can also offer a lot to the educators and facilitators who work with them.

More than simply providing a more informal and interdisciplinary pedagogical approach, incorporating Makeathons into the teaching toolkit provides educators and schools with a range of benefits.

  1. Enhanced teaching methods: Makeathons offer educators an opportunity to use alternative teaching methods that can help engage and motivate students.

  2. Professional development: Makeathons can serve as professional development opportunities for educators, allowing them to learn new skills and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and teaching practices.

  3. Collaboration: Makeathons can provide educators with an opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and experts in their field. This can lead to new ideas and teaching strategies that can benefit both educators and students.

  4. Curriculum alignment: Makeathons can be designed to align with curriculum standards, allowing educators to integrate these events into their lesson plans and reinforce key concepts.

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