Design games

The design phase of the Makeathon is a critical stage where students can refine their ideas and develop detailed plans for their projects. Here are some design phase activities or games that you can incorporate into your Makeathon:

  1. Paper Prototyping: Provide students with paper, scissors, and other materials to create a paper prototype of their project. This can help them visualize their design and identify any potential problems or challenges.

  2. Storyboarding: Have students create a storyboard of their project, outlining the user experience and identifying any potential pain points or areas for improvement. This can help students develop a clear vision of their design and ensure that all team members are on the same page.

  3. User Persona Development: Encourage students to develop user personas, fictional characters that represent the target audience for their project. This can help students understand the needs, preferences, and behaviours of their users and design a solution that meets their needs.

  4. Design Review: Organize a design review session where students can present their plans to their peers and receive feedback and suggestions for improvement. This can help students identify potential problems or challenges and refine their designs before starting the building phase.

  5. Role-playing: Have students role-play different scenarios that might occur during the use of their project. This can help students identify potential issues and design solutions that anticipate user needs and behaviours.

  6. Lego Serious Play: This is a facilitated process using Lego bricks where participants build models that represent their ideas and concepts. It can help students think more creatively and explore different perspectives on their projects.

These activities and games can help students refine their designs and develop a clear plan for their projects before starting the building phase. They can also promote collaboration and communication among team members, leading to a more successful Makeathon experience.

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