Celebrating Success

Celebrating the achievements and successes of young participants in a Makeathon is a great way to encourage and motivate them.

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate their achievements:

  1. Host an Awards Ceremony: Just because Makeathons are not competitive, that doesn't mean you can't give out prizes! Organise a public awards ceremony at the end of the Makeathon, inviting parents and teachers. Create categories such as "Best Invention," "Most Innovative Design," and "Best Use of Technology". You can also invent some humorous or absurd categories, such as “Largest Prototype” or “Loudest Group”, and give awards to the winners.

  2. Showcase the Inventions: Display the inventions of the participants in a public space, such as a museum or library, so that the community can see their creations. You can also create a website or social media page to showcase their work.

  3. Interview the Participants: Conduct interviews with the participants to learn more about their process and what inspired them. Share their stories on social media and in local publications.

  4. Create a Video: Bring in a professional filmmaker to create a video highlights reel or a short documentary showcasing the process and highlighting the participants' achievements and share it on social media and with local media outlets. This serves as a great memento, it can help spread the word about the Makeathon and inspire other young people to get involved in future. It’s also a great chance to showcase the work of your organisation or project.

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