Resources and Materials

Gathering necessary resources and materials

Gathering the tech, building materials and craft supplies for your Makeathon is essential to ensure that participants can work on their projects effectively. Here are some tips on how to gather the necessary resources and materials for your Makeathon:

  1. Determine what materials are needed: Consider the type of projects that will be worked on during the Makeathon and create a list of necessary materials. This could include craft supplies such as paper, scissors, and glue, as well as tech supplies such as laptops, microcontrollers, and sensors. Students may be able to bring laptops from home.

  2. Estimate quantities: Estimate the quantities of each material needed based on the number of participants, the number of teams, and the expected duration of the Makeathon. It's better to have too much than too little, so be generous with your estimates.

  3. Source materials: Look for suppliers that can provide the materials you need. You can also ask for donations or partnerships with local businesses, schools, or organisations. Consider borrowing materials or renting them if needed.

  4. Ensure proper equipment: Make sure that all equipment and tools are in good condition and work properly before the Makeathon begins. Check the equipment and tools regularly during the event to ensure that they continue to function properly.

  5. Organise materials: Organise materials so that they are easy to find and use during the Makeathon. Use clear labels and storage containers to keep everything organised.

  6. Provide safety equipment: Provide appropriate safety equipment for any hazardous materials or tools used during the Makeathon. Make sure that all participants are aware of safety protocols and that they follow them.

  7. Provide technical support: Provide technical support for any tech equipment used during the Makeathon. Make sure that participants are aware of the technical support available to them and that they know how to access it.

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