Evaluating a Makeathon

How did it all go?

After your Makeathon - and sometimes even before it's finished - it's a good idea to get some feedback about how it went and what you can improve for next time. It pays to document the process and create a record of both the work and the experience of the participants as you go.

You’ll have noticed photos and video clips from MTF Makeathons throughout this manual. We consider it really important to capture every event on video and in photographs so that participants and educators can look back on the event and reflect on it. It also helps tremendously (as it has here) to tell your story. Feedback and quotes from participants are also helpful tools. It takes just a little more thought at the outset, but it makes a big difference.

What follows are some tips for how you can get the best information and how you can build that into your toolkit for future Makeathons.

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