Providing Resources

Providing access to necessary resources and tools

Having a range of resources that participants can use is crucial for the success of any Makeathon. It’s not simply a case of providing the expected technologies that the students will need, but also making a range of different and unexpected materials that might inspire them to take their projects in interesting directions. The affordances of the different materials open up new possibilities and creative opportunities.

Here are some ways you can ensure that participants have access to the resources they need:

  1. Inventory: Before the Makeathon begins, make a list of all the resources and tools you could provide. This might include things like raw materials, hardware, software, tools, or equipment - but it can also include surprising elements, found objects and recycled material.

  2. Participant’s own: Determine what resources and tools you can provide yourself and what participants will need to bring with them. Communicate this information to participants well in advance so they can plan accordingly.

  3. Third parties: Consider partnering with sponsors or organisations that can provide additional resources and tools. For example, a hardware store might be willing to donate some supplies, or a software company might offer access to a particular program.

  4. Info desk: Create a space within the Makeathon that can act as a resource hub where participants can access any necessary information and documentation. This might include instructions, tutorials, or technical specifications.

  5. Wizard: In keeping with the roles created in the previous section, we also assign the role of Wizard to a technical member of the teaching/facilitation team who can be approached at any time by the students to help them solve a technical issue. In the past, we have allocated two ‘Wizard Cards’ to each team that they can exchange for extra help at strategic points in the Makeathon.

  6. Training and maintenance: Make sure that any tools or equipment provided are in good working condition. Ensure that participants are trained on how to use any equipment that requires special knowledge or expertise.

  7. Shared resources: Consider setting up a central space where participants can access tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, or other specialised equipment. The Wizard can assist with these.

By providing access to the necessary resources and tools, you can help ensure that participants are able to focus on the creative process of the Makeathon and produce their best work.

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