Future Development

Identifying areas for improvement and future development

Building on your success and working to constantly improve is an important step in ensuring the success of future Makeathons. Here are some ways to specifically identify these areas:

  1. Collect third party feedback: In addition to the feedback you collect from participants, you can also ask partners, colleagues, sponsors, and other stakeholders about their experience of the Makeathon. Look for common themes and areas of concern that emerge from the feedback.

  2. Analyse your KPIs: Identify areas where the actual results fell short of the desired outcomes and consider what changes could be made to improve these metrics in the future.

  3. Evaluate the program: Evaluate the program of the Makeathon, including the activities, workshops, and speakers. Look for areas where improvements could be made, such as incorporating more diverse speakers, offering more hands-on activities, or providing more guidance to participants.

  4. Review the images: Have a look at the photos and videos that you took. Do people look happy? Engaged? Is it the right environment? Does it need more colour? Would bright t-shirts, coloured lighting or decorations have added creative flair? What would you like to see in the background during the presentations?

  5. Review the budget: Review the budget of the Makeathon and identify areas where savings could be made or where additional funding could be allocated to improve the event.

  6. Benchmark against other events: Benchmark the Makeathon against similar events you are aware of. Look for areas where the Makeathon fell short in comparison and consider what changes could be made to improve its competitiveness.

By specifically identifying areas for improvement and future development, you can make targeted changes that will improve the success of future Makeathons.

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